NCAA Compliance Issues

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Assistant A.D./NCAA & SEC Compliance Mississippi State Universtiy
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Complying with NCAA rules can be a daunting task, and this series covers everything from grades to commitments.

Initial Eligibility for Division 1

To be eligible for a scholarship, your kids must meet certain requirements. Currently, your athlete needs 16 (SIXTEEN) core classes, a recent increase.

Test Scores

There's a sliding scale that uses an athletes gpa to determine what kind of score an athlete must have on his college entrance exam (either the act or sat).

Division 2

Division 2 standards are different than the standards for a Division 1 school. Brackey covers some of the major differences in the standards.

What to tell your kid...

There are things your kids need to do to insure they are eligible (other than grades). This video tells the why's and whens that your athlete needs to do to insure they are eligible to be recruited to play Division 1 sports.


Your athlete needs to graduate on time and if they don't there are some penalties.

Why Register

There's a lot of rules here, the do's and don'ts that will keep your athlete from not only getting a scholarship, but from even getting a campus visit.

Common Questions

Bracky Brett, director of compliance at Mississippi State gets a lot of questions over and over. He covers some of those questions in this video.


What is a recruiting period and what can a coach do during those periods. If a coach talks to you one day and ignores you the next, you can be assured that a different recruiting period has started.


There's a lot of "recruiting words" that people have made up. "Verbal commitment" isn't a real commitment, an this video covers some of those made up words. And please ignore the comment about the internet!