Baseball Drills for Pitching Arm Care and Teaching Deceleration

Bob Keller all by Bob Keller

Assistant Baseball Coach University of South Alabama
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Proper conditioning can help reduce your pitchers arm injuries and it's important that you properly condition your pitchers deceleration muscles with drills and conditioning.

What is Good Deceleration

The idea of creating good deceleration sounds great, but unless you know what good deceleration looks like, you can't teach it to your pitcher and make it a regular part of his pitching arm care

Movement Patterns of Pitchers

To create an armor plate for your pitchers body requires drills and exercises. But before you start picking drills for your pitcher you must understand his movement patterns as they relate to pitching arm care.

Drills Between The Outings

Coach Keller has already covered pre-outing and post-outing drills. This video covers drills you can use to develop your pitchers deceleration muscles between outings.