Art of The Strikeout

Scott Foxhall all by Scott Foxhall

Assistant Baseball Coach Auburn University
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Coach Scott Foxhall of Auburn University presents facts about strikeouts that may change how you look at your strikeout kings

The Nuts And Bolts

Obviously, if you want to improve some aspect of your pitchers performance, you must be able to measure how your pitcher is perfuming in that area.

This video shows you how to measure and improve the 4 areas covered in part II as your pitcher works hard to become an elite strikeout artist.

This is stuff you can take to the bullpen today!

The Elite Strikeout Artist

A pitchers ability to generate strikeouts can be developed, but you have to have a pitcher with potential and a sound development plan.

Coach Foxhall covers the 4 areas your pitcher needs to develop if he is going to join the elite strikeout artist club.

Strike Out Statistics

Strike outs are important and study of strike out statistics yields some interesting conclusions.

Yes, strikeouts raise your pitch counts, but if you don't get strikeouts, there is more pressure on your defense and the offense gets another chance to put runs on the board.

An initial look at the strike out stats for the teams in the College World Series shows that if you don't have a pitching staff that can get strikeouts, you are probably not going to advance very far. The same analysis applied to professional baseball and strike out ability isn't as important.

The take away is that at the lower levels of play, the strikeout is more important than it is at the upper levels of play.