Hitting The Baseball: Things to be aware of

Mike Lane all by Mike Lane

Head Baseball Coach University of North Alabama
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Hitting the baseball is how you get your team's offense going. Coach Lane covers hitting the different pitches, then moves to troubleshooting hitters in this baseball series.

Hitting: Initial Stance

You've got to have a great initial stance so you can approach the baseball and be in position to hit it!

Hitting: The Outside Pitch

Coach Lane demonstrates hitting technique and the sequence needed for getting the bat on the ball.

Stance: Some examples

Pictures are worth a thousand words in baseball, and you'll see some great examples to learn from.

Hitting The Baseball: Things to be aware of

Here's a hit list of things to be aware of, and the reason you should be aware of them to hit the baseball consistently and with power.

Hitting: Practice Makes Perfect

Moving from the classroom to the field (gym actually), you'll see the drills in action (bear with the sound on this one).

Hitting: More Examples

Troubleshooting your hitters is what this series is all about, so bear with the sound and you'll find some great tips for troubleshooting your baseball hitters.