Baseball Warm Up and Stretching

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Strength Coach Georgia Tech
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Healthy baseball players translate into winning games and one of the biggest factors in keeping them healthy is a proper warm up routine.

Rotator Cuff

Baseball players must warm up to prevent injury and this video covers some of the details about making sure rotator cuffs are cared for properly.

More Rotator Cuff

Of course a room full of coaches is going to have questions, so here's some questions from the audience on warming up the rotator cuff.

Different Positions

Each position has different needs for warm-up and this video covers the needs for each of those positions. Coach Tamborra encourages his baseball players to develop their own routines for warming up their arms.

Pre-Game Routine

A routine helps insure everyone gets everything done and sets the mental attitude for game or practice. Develop your routine and stick to it.

More Stretching

Static stretching isn't totally gone, so think about the muscles that get missed with your stretching program and if you need to add some static it!

Hamstring Stretches

Preventing hamstring problems and shin splints takes conditioning and patience because starting baseball and wearing spikes again after a month of not wearing them takes some getting used to.