BBCOR Bat | Hitting And Run Production

Brian Shoop all by Brian Shoop

Head Baseball Coach University of Alabama at Birmingham
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You can't count on big innings to pull you ahead when you're using the BBCOR bat and in this video Coach Brian Shoop covers strategies to help you produce runs.

Situational Hitting and run production

A successful "At Bat" is a must for EVERY hitter in the line up with the BBCOR bat. You can't just say "Johnny will strike out", you now have to say "...Johnny need to take 7 pitches and maybe get hit by the pitcher." Here you'll get some ideas about producing successful at bats.

Freebies as part of your baseball offense

If your baseball offense has relied on big innings, you're again need to change your thinking because of the BBCOR bats. Freebies are more important than ever, and with some work and knowing what to look for you can get more freebies.

BBOR has reduced offensive run production

The BBCOR bat has reduced offensive run production and as a coach YOU have to make some adjustments. Your strong hitters will do ok, but your average hitters will have their weaknesses exposed and highlighted with the BBCOR Bat but you still need an offense that produces runs.