Baseball Equipment: The Catcher

Mike Frederico all by Mike Frederico

Assistant Baseball Coach University of Memphis
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A catcher sometimes feels like a medieval warrior after his equipment is all on. But for a warrior to be effective the gear must fit properly and be taken care of when it's not in use. This series shows how to fit and care for your catcher's equipment. This is a "must see" for every coach, and any kid, who plays catcher.

Baseball Catcher's Equipment - Meet the Coach

Meet Coach Frederico and learn a bit about what makes him tick and how his philosophy has developed.

Baseball Catcher's Equipment: Shin Guards

Anyone who has been hit on the shin with a ball knows the importance of shin guards. If you've ever tripped because of them you know how important it is to put them on properly!

Baseball Catcher's Equipment: Chest Protector

Fitting the chest protector is important. If it's not fitting correctly not only will your catcher lose the protection they need, but they'll lose the mobility they need to make great plays too!

Baseball Catcher's Equipment: Face Mask

The facemask is the last piece of catcher's equipment. Last, but far from least! The facemask is protecting a very critical part of your catcher. Coaches and kids need to know how to wear this vital piece of safety gear.