Catching Fundamentals

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This is a re-release of our original catching fundamentals series we released in 1999. You'll find everything from stance, receiving the baseball, throwing to the bases and fielding bunts in this baseball catching series. Many of you had problems viewing this series, so this should take care of that problem. Mizuno Youth Samurai Catchers Box Sets

Catcher Overview

There are characteristics that a good catcher must have to be successful, here's some thoughts on what makes a great catcher for a baseball team. This video covers the receiving stance and action stance.

Baseball Catchers: Receiving

Receiving the baseball is the top priority for a baseball catcher. Here's the basics of receiving the baseball.

Baseball Catchers: Receiving Drills

Theory is great, but actual drills to teach the baseball theory are vital. Here's some baseball drills to help you teach your catchers to receive the baseball.

Baseball Catchers: Blocking the Baseball

Blocking the baseball when there is a bad pitch keeps runners from advancing. Teaching your catcher to become a great blocker makes your team a stronger defensive baseball team.

Baseball Catchers: Finding the Baseball

When the ball gets past the catcher, you have to have a method to find the ball and recover from the mistake.

Baseball Catching: Throwing the Baseball

Like many things, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Here's a strong way to teach your catcher to throw the ball to get the ball to the base it needs to be at in the minimum time.

Baseball Catching: Throwing Footwork

The footwork for the catcher changes depending on the type of batter (left handed or right handed) and where the ball is being thrown. Here's a plan for your catcher.

Baseball Catching: Throwing Drills

Drills sharpen skills, and here's drills to help your catchers improve their throwing skills to the bases.

Baseball Catching: Fielding Bunts

Clean fielding of bunts is critical to throwing the baserunner out at first base. This 5-ball drill teaches the catchers to quickly identify the balls location and then position themselves properly to make the quickest throw possible.