Baseball Catching Clinic

Wes Brooks all by Wes Brooks

Head Baseball Coach Oxford High School
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Coach Wes Brooks is on the field during this Baseball Clinic series on Catching. Through discussion, demonstration, and drills, Coach covers Framing, Blocking, and Throwing the Out. The catcher's position under various field scenarios and in response to different types of pitches are demonstrated making this a great catching techniques series for coaches and players.

Baseball Skills: Catching Part One

This baseball catching series begins with a short discussion on the catcher's techniques for hiding signals and moves quickly into skills and drills related to the Framing Period. The framing period begins at the point of release of the pitch as the catcher brings his glove into his chest. Coach discusses framing distance around the plate and the importance of framing to the umpire's call.

Baseball Skills: Catching Part Two

Target. Chest. Lean and Stick - with no more than a two inch curl. We're still working on Framing in this video segment. Coach demonstrates the various framing techniques used depending on the type of pitch, whether a Fastball Away, an Inside Pitch. Fastball Up, or a Fastball Lo.

Baseball Skills: Catching Part Three

Coach wraps up Framing with a discussion on the high curve ball - the only ball that should be caught with the elbow bent. Then it's time to move on to Blocking. The two most important aspects of Blocking are discussed and variations of the block with runners on and off base are covered.

Baseball Skills: Catching Part Four

This baseball catching series continues the discussion of the standard blocking position and offers practice drills for coaches to incorporate into the daily routine. Walking through various pitches - fastball down the middle, fastball away, and others, these catchers demonstrate blocking techniques.

Baseball Skills: Catching Part Five

Time for some Curve Balls and Sliders. The catchers demonstrate smothering the ball in response to these pitches. This drill gives the effect of high bounce or curve. The Coach puts Framing and Blocking together in a drill to fine-tune catching skills.

Baseball Skills: Catching Part Six

Coach ends this video series with a discussion and demonstration of throwing guys out. hen the average runner covers 2 1/2 feet per one-thenth of a second, it's essential that the catcher be on "target" in every aspect in order to get the out.