Baseball Hitting Wrap Session

Ernie Rosseau all by Ernie Rosseau

Head Baseball Coach Brevard Community College
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Filmed at the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association convention this hot stove session covers some great ideas you can use right away to help your hitters develop balance and power.

Homework Assignments

Giving your baseball players homework assignments is a great way for them to develop their's unique homework assignment for your athletes.

Bats Sweet Spot

Your bat has a sweet spot and you should do everything you can to hit the baseball right on the sweet spot. Here's how you can find your sweet spot and practice contacting the baseball with the bats sweet spot every time.

Hitters Box and Power

Using the tee, you can work the sweet spot on the bat with the sweet spot in time...or the ideal place for the baseball to be when it's hit.

Balancing The Bat

This clip will put another view of the saying many of us use "...take your hands to the baseball!". Have your kids watch this clip and you'll be amazed at the results.