Baseball: Developing Successful Pitchers

Matt Lyles all by Matt Lyles

Assistant Baseball Coach Huntingdon College
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Baseball Coach Matt Lyles discusses the fundamentals of coaching pitchers in this baseball video series. It's about keeping it simple and being consistent. Great series for developing a basic coaching approach when working with pitchers.

Baseball Skills: Pitching - The Classroom

A Coach begins developing a pitcher in the classroom. It's there that the Coach learns the strengths and weaknesses of a pitcher. Helping the pitcher maximize the strengths and learn to read opponents' weaknesses is the first step to successful pitching.

Baseball Skills: Pitching - Preparing Mentally and Gameplan

The difference between a great pitcher and an "okay" pitcher is often the player's mental approach to the game. This segment discusses techniques Coaches can use to prepare pitcher's for the game, as well as the benefits for including players in the gameplan.

Baseball Skills: Pitching - Pre-game Routine

Getting your players physically prepped for the game is essential to peak performance and to avoiding injuries. This segment discusses pre-game routines.

Baseball Skills: Pitching - Circuit Routines

In this segment Coach talks about circuit routines as well as other conditioning routines.

Baseball Skills: Pitching - Pre-game Throwing

Starting with wrist flips, Coach and one of his best pitchers demonstrate proper pitching technique.

Baseball Skills: Pitching - Long Throws

The debate is on! 90 feet? 120? 150? 180? Too much air underneath it or not? Getting loose and getting it on the line isis the focus in developing pitchers. Then Coach discusses the pre-game mound routine he uses to get his pitchers at the top of their game.

Baseball Skills: Pitching - Conclusion

What's the bottom-line? Coach hits the high points of coaching pitchers in this last segment. Here it becomes clear how important the Coach is in helping players to reach their potential.