Fielding Drills

Bob Morgan all by Bob Morgan

Head Baseball Coach
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Here Indiana University Head Coach Bob Morgan is on the field demonstrating some of the drills he uses with his teams. These drills work on everything from the ball exchange to cut-offs and double plays.

Infield Drills

What can be better than keeping a group of athletes busy while teaching them the skills necessary to get the out? Coach Morgan show you a great drill that will help you do just that!

2 Inside Drill

This drill helps your athletes work on on the exchange fielding the ball to throwing the ball.

Slow Roller Drill

This drill works on a slow rolling ball that has to be thrown to the fielders left. It's a great drill that will help bring your athletes up to the level you need them to be.

Double Plays

Near the beginning of this video, Coach Morgan tells with great clarity exactly what every athlete?s job is on every play...then shows a drill that helps them do that job.

Double Plays

With an emphasis on communication, getting the bad throw, gaining ground and getting two outs.

Relays and Cut-Offs

The "Rocket Relay Drill" is a great drill for camps or when you want to bring some competition to the situation. This is a great drill to liven a practice or camp.