Baseball Strategy: First and Third

Bob Morgan all by Bob Morgan

Head Baseball Coach
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This baseball clinic lecture was given at the 2005 Alabama Baseball Coaches Association Convention. It's full of information that will help you develop a strategy to keep the other team away from home plate.

First and Third Strategy Overview & The Straight Steal

Coach Morgan gives a general overview of First and Third Offensive and Defensive strategies, then demonstrates specific techniques starting with the "Straight Steal."

The Delay Steal

This video will give you the basics on the who, when, how, and why of the delay steal as an offensive strategy. Players will learn how to really shuffle for distance with this effective strategy.

The Forced Balk

Reading the pitcher is fundamental to a successful strategy here. Coach Morgan tells you what to look for and shows you how base runners' can effectively use their specific abilities for a successful run-down.

The Long Lead

Learn how and when to run the Long Lead strategy. This video explains the importance of forcing the ball into flight to make for a successful offensive play off first base.

The Long Lead Lefty

Coach calls this one the "Guess Method". This strategy focuses on enticing the throw so the first and third runners can get on the move. Watch out for the "Suicide Squeeze".

The Read Play

This strategy, like many others, is about communication and practice. Teach first and third runners how to read the field and each other for a winning combination.

First and Third Defense Overview

What determines your First and Third Defense? This video will tell you. Get a general overview of defensive goal setting , then learn specifics on the "Second Base Cut-Off" and the "Ball Fake to Third".

Straight to Shortstop

Learn when to use this defensive strategy that puts your shortstop into the action. This video also explains why the "Throw Through to the Pitcher" may not always be an effective strategy.

Defend the Forced Balk

This video shows you how to get the ball to the shortstop and how to use the shuffle to cut run-down distance. Coach Morgan also wraps up this First and Third series with some pointers on practice and team goals.