Baseball Hitting Fundamentals

Larry Giangrosso all by Larry Giangrosso

Head Baseball Coach University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Grips, stances plus drills and techniques to help teach and troubleshoot hitters, plus answers to questions people often have about hitting.

When To Load

Knowing when to start the load is important to getting the bat on the ball. Here we see techniques for knowing when to start the load in the "0" stop. (hitting or batting)

Walking Tee

The walking tee drill is a great way to help a hitter get their timing down to make the swing a fluid motion. (hitting or batting)

Long Tee Drill

The "Long Tee" helps the hitter stay on the ball. (hitting or batting)


Working from the feet to the head, Coach Giangrosso covers the parallel stance in detail. (hitting or batting)

Box Position

Covering both horizontal and vertical position in the batters box, we see how to position hitters to obtain the best plate coverage and reaction time. (hitting or batting)


The proper way to grip the bat is shown, detailing hand and knuckle placement to laying the bat in the hitters hands. (hitting or batting)

Bat Size

There is a technique to picking the proper size bat for a hitter to use, and things may change as the season wears on and hitters get tired. (hitting or batting)

"0" Stop

The three parts of the "0" stop are covered and key points are highlighted. (hitting or batting)


Still in the "0" stop position, details of the stride are covered starting with the feet and moving up the body showing concrete methods to determine if a procedure is being done correctly. (hitting or batting)

Foot Position

This segment shows foot position for different types of stances (parallel, open and closed) and how the stride should always go back to the pitcher. (hitting or batting)

All Together

Here the coaches demonstrate how they actually coach a hitter in the "0" stop as they put it all together. (hitting or batting)

One Stop

Probably the most critical portion of the swing, where the bat is moving into position to contact the ball. Using their "feet up" technique, this information packed clip shows what to look for in this segment of the swing. (hitting or batting)

Contact Position

Leading into the "2" stop, the bat to ball contact position is first defined for the pitch that is inside, outside or down the middle. (hitting or batting)

Two Stop

Getting the bat down to the ball and actually making contact. This clip shows the "2 stop" position and brings out coaching points to reinforce the lessons taught here. (hitting or batting)

Three and Four Stop

From contact to follow through, foot hand and head position are shown. And finally to put it all together, the coaches show how they coach the whole group of swing mechanics drills, combining all the stops so the hitter learns the whole swing. (hitting or batting)

Batting Tee

Your athletes should have a purpose each and every time they swing at a baseball on a batting tee. Inside pitch, outside or down the middle each require a different tee placement.

Helpful Hints

Hitting off of a tee has it's own purpose, and Coach Giangrosso has a list of things you and your athletes should keep in mind to get the most out of their time with a batting tee.

Ball Placement

This video discusses HOW to place the ball on the batting tee so the hitters know exactly what their visual picture should look like.

Batting Tee Drills

Here you'll find some drills to work your batters using the batting tee to improve their hitting.