Baseball Hitting Drills

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Head Baseball Coach Florida International University Athletics
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Coach Turtle Thomas of FIU covers drills to help your baseball players hit the baseball more often and more effectively. This series covers basic baseball hitting drills and drills to help you troubleshoot your hitters.

Individual Hitting Mechanics

Any hitting clinic needs to start with a discussion of mechanics so everyone is on the same page. Coach Thomas covers the basis of mechanics he's looking so you'll understand where his baseball hitting drills come from.

Baseball Hitting Drills

The rest of this series is just hitting drill after hitting drill. This series starts off with shadow and tire drills.

More Drills

This title is going to get repetitive to you baseball coaches, but hitting drills is what this baseball clinic is all about.

Troubleshooting Hitting Drills

Hitters that don't get their whole body into the baseball, don't hit their best and this video starts with baseball hitting drills to get the hitter using their whole body when they connect with the baseball.

Having Fun Drills

This starts with drills that have a competitive twist to them that help the batters leave practice thinking about the day and looking to improve themselves at the next baseball practice.