Baseball Skills: Hitting Fundamentals

Mike Lane all by Mike Lane

Head Baseball Coach University of North Alabama
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Coach Mike Lane, Head Baseball coach for the University of North Alabama, takes us through the fundamentals of hitting in this baseball video series. Beginning with the elements of a good stance during all phases of the hit, Coach proceeds to through numerous hitting drills. The "Stop the Bat" Drill, the Swivel Tee, and various Short Screen Drills help players learn all aspects of effective hitting.

Hitting Fundamentals Part One

Where is THE place to observe the best hitting stance in baseball? Watching the pro's of course. In this introduction to baseball hitting fundamentals, Coach uses professional baseball players to show the proper hitting mechanics from stance to contact to follow through.

Hitting Fundamentals Part Two

Time for some baseball drills! Coach uses an angled tee to help athletes practice good hitting techniques. In this "Stop the Bat" Drill players progress through the various phases of hitting up to the point of contact with the baseball.

Hitting Fundamentals Part Three

This video continues with various baseball hitting drills. The Swivel Tee Drill lets players practice hitting various types of pitches. Body position, shoulder rotation, and balance are demonstrated while hitting an outside ball, a fast ball, a curve ball and more.

Hitting Fundamentals Part Four

Coach discusses why the size of the baseball bat is so important to proper hitting in this video segment. Using the proper size bat, Coach then goes over some Soft Toss Drill. It's coil, stride, and hit as Coach hits various pitches varying his rotation accordingly.

Hitting Fundamentals Part Five

Short Screen Drills use a shorten batting cage to simulate game velocity and reaction time to hit ball. These drills incorporate the visual work of hitting as players learn to read the pitcher's arm to anticipate the pitch.