Hitting Philosophy - Dry Swings

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Head Baseball Coach Troy State University
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Part of your job as a baseball coach is to develop hitters and dry swings are a great way to see your hitters perform and they give you an opportunity to coach one on one or in a group.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality and quantity are important and the balance between the two is a fine line that you as a coach must walk to point your baseball players in the right direction.

Live at Bats

The best way to be ready for a live at bat, is to do live at bats. How can your baseball players get more live at bats? Here's some ideas to get as many live at bats as possible.

Relaxing the Hitter

Can you overload your player with instruction? Yes you can, there are times to breath down your players neck to improve their performance and times to let them breath down their own necks.

Build the Batter

Help your batter build his swing by moving his swing forward step by step before you put them in front of a live pitcher or even a batting tee.

Dry Swings

The dry swing is a great learning tool, and here's a video that shows you techniques to evaluate dry swings with your baseball players.

More On Dry Swings

The dry swing has bookoodles of teaching points and as you go through the session and cover good and bad points you can advance to a more athletic swing while you teach.

Dry Swing Wrap Up

You've gone through the dry swing and covered a LOT of points, here's an overview that will help you finish the dry swing session.