Offensive Wrap Session

Bobby Pierce all by Bobby Pierce

Head Baseball Coach Troy State University
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Coach Bobby Pierce of Troy University covers the offensive side of baseball in this hot stove discussion at the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association convention.

The Lineup

Your lineup isn't something you make on the fly, you need to begin getting your lineup in order well before the season starts and you need to know what the objective of the lineup is.

Lineup Styles

The traditional lineup is a great idea, but you're not always going to have the athletes to build a traditional lineup. Coach Pierce covers the different batting order holes and what you need to have in each hole.

Narrow Down The Lineup

You don't just come up with one lineup, you come up with the best options, then narrow it down to get to the best lineup to start with. After you've got the slots filled, you've got to work on other factors that affect your teams performance.

Situational At Bats

Different situations require different types of attacks on the defense, so you've got to figure this into your order and the depth you build in your batting lineup.

Mixed Batting Practice

Your batting practice should develop your hitters skills, and mixed batting practice helps the batter work on his skills against different pitches where he must determine what kind of pitch is on the way.


There are many different situations your hitters will face and no matter the situation the hitter must know what his main objective is when he is at the plate.