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Coach Gordie Gillespie has been dedicated to coaching for 52 years. Currently the Head Baseball Coach for Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, Coach Gillespie started his career at Joliet Catholic High School, serving as head coach for football, basketball, and baseball, earning a place in the Hall of Fame for all three sports. During his career, Coach Gillespie has signed 58 players to professional contracts and won four NAIA National Championships taking his teams to 15 World Series. In this video series, Coach Gillespie speaks to coaches, giving his philosophy on what it means to be a coach and what a coach can mean to the many young people involved in sports. Whether you are a coach, a player, or a parent, you will be inspired by his insight, passion, and dedication.

The Coach's Daily Bread - Part One

In the opening comments of his passionate message to coaches, Coach Gillespie talks about the opportunity coaches have to impact the lives of young people every day - and how that influence can make or break the attitude of athletes for life.

The Coach's Daily Bread - Part Two

Continuing on his message of the coach's power to influence, Coach Gillespie recalls his early baseball days in the 1940's. Listen to his take on the average versus the great athlete - and how the coach's enthusiasm can make the diference.

Absolutes for Coaching - Part One

Concentration, effort, patience, persistense. Just words until you hear them spoken by this legend of baseball. Listen to his "absolutes" for coaches and gain insight into what it takes to be a winning coach.

Absolutes for Coaching - Part Two

Again and again it comes back to the coach's enthusiasm, but not just for the game. Learn how far-reaching the coach's attitude, especially in high school athletics, can make a difference beyond the playing field. Understand how "evaluating kids where they are" is a must for coaches.

The Coach as a Role Model

"You can't duck it!" Coach Gillespie gives his take on the importance of being a role model for players, recalling his personal experience coaching a high school player named Rudy Ruettiger who went on to play for Notre Dame. (Yes, THAT Rudy. Coach says the movie is 95% truth and 5% Hollywood).

Coaching at Game Time

What's the key to successful coaching? Being a great teacher. The coach and players need to be "in the zone" for the game, but when the coach has done a good job, the game belongs to the players. Listen to these thoughts on how to instill leadership in your players.

Coaching the Short Game

"The bigger the game the more tension." One of the coach's primary responsibilities is strategy. Here are some pointers for coaches on why and how to "sell the game" strategy so that a team is successful.

Using Statistics in Coaching

What do statistics mean for a coach, a player, a team? Statisitcs are more than numbers. Learn how to apply the information in baseball statistics to the specifics of coaching, from pitching to base-running.

Statics and Coaching Philosophy

So you know the still have your own philosophy of how the game should be played. In this video Coach Gillespie gives a practical approach to the use of statistics in coaching pitchers and encourages coaches to integrate the truths of the game with their own philosophy.

Coaching - A Walk of Dedication

"It's about relationships." What's the biggest thing a coach has to teach athletes? Listen to these closing words from Coach Gillespie and you'll find out. You'll also be moved by his passion for coaching and his admiration for those who choose to take on the role of "Coach".