Baseball Skills: Offensive Bunting

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Head Baseball Coach Arkansas State University
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In this baseball video series, Assistant Baseball Coach Tommy Raffo of Mississippi State University discusses and demonstrates the effective use of offensive bunting. Coach starts with the bunting stance and takes us through mechanics, position, directing, and the strategy of the bunt then puts it into action. This is a great series for coaches and advanced players.

Baseball Skills: The Sacrifice Bunt Basics

Some coaching tips for the sacrifice bunt are offered in this baseball skills video. In this segment Raffo goes into mechanics, position, strategy, and LISTENING. Coach takes these players through it all, including the heel-toe-pivot. (Baseball Offense Bunting)

Baseball Skills: Drills for Sacrifice Bunting

The Dry Drill allows a baseball coach to check stance, speed on the pivot, play coverage, and timing in his players. All of these things are essential to developing effective bunting skills. But, a player has to know WHERE to bunt the ball. too. The angle dictates the action and Coach explains it all in this segment. (Baseball Offense Bunting)

Baseball Skills: Bunting Skills

"Put the barrel of the bat in the strike zone!" Watch these college athletes demonstrate proper bunting techniques as Coach critiques the moves and explains the strategy. Heel-toe-pivot. Back Knee Flexion. It's baseball strategy and skill at it's best! (Baseball Offense Bunting)

Baseball Skills: Get it Together!

All the skills Coach has taught to this point come together as he puts these baseball players through their paces. The action and timing are game-like. The baseball knowledge is the ultimate! (Baseball Offense Bunting)

Baseball Skills: The Drag and the Push

The Drag Bunt will be on the third base side. The Push Bunt will be on the first base side. In this segment, Coach talks about adapting the bunt to the player's specific talents and skill level.

Baseball Skills: Bunting - What's In It For ME?!

What can bunting do for an individual? It gives him confidence! In Baseball, confidence is as essential as skill. In this video segment, Coach discusses the benefits of bunting skills to the individual baseball player. (Baseball Offense Bunting)

Baseball Skills: Bunting - The Benefits

Baseball is about strategy. Bunting is one of the ultimate strategies. This video gets to the "meat and potatoes of the sacrifice bunt." In this introduction to bunting, Coach discusses the positive impact bunting can give your baseball team, and touches on the definitive gains a baseball team will have when using effective bunting strategies. (Baseball Offense Bunting)