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Head Baseball Coach
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Bob Morgan, Head Baseball Coach at Indiana University discusses how he develops outfielders and then demonstrates some of the drills he uses to get the performance needed to be competitive at the college level.


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Outfield Play

What is the outfield? Coach Morgan relates the outfield positions to a football field then gives advice to build kids that don't play in the grass.

Catching the Baseball

How do you tell your outfielders to catch a baseball? This video tells how the outfielders at Indiana do it.

Throwing The Ball

They've caught the ball, now it has to get in to make a play. Here's some tips to get the ball where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Fielding The Ball

How do you field a ball skipping along the grass in the outfield? It depends and here are the variables you need to know.

Same Sideness

Grammar freaks are probably laughing at this title, but baseball strategists will be amazed at what those two words together will do.

How To

Just because a speaker is inside doesn't mean he can't throw a ball and run. Coach Morgan demonstrates some how to stuff here.

Wall Ball

Ball off the wall is a great drill and here are some coaching points if you use this drill with your kids inside.

Inside and Outside

Here's some more drills that work inside. In addition to a great drill, we see what happens when two guys with quick wit are demonstrating a drill!