Baseball Outfield: Drills and Philosophy

Mark Johnston all by Mark Johnston

Head Baseball Coach Bishop State Community College
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Mark Johnston from Bishop State Community College covers some things that make great outfielders, starting with a plan, to drills to quicken the decision process and ending with on field drills to apply to baseball game situations.

The Outfield

Baseball theory is great and there is an abundance of different theories, but the main thing is to see the baseball, catch the baseball then get it where it needs to go.

The Plan

Where. When. Why. These are the things that you as a coach must instill in your baseball players so they know exactly what they will do with the baseball when they catch it.

Throwing Decision Drills

Paying attention is drill one to develop outfielders. Here's some ideas to help develop an instant decision making process for your outfielders.

Catching Drills For Outfielders

Drills are fun, and they are great for learning and your baseball players should apply the techniques from the drills to actual game situations.

More Outfield Drills

Here's more drills to help your outfielders do the main thing they should do...catch the baseball!