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Coach Sprowl covers ideas to build your pitching staff, beginning with a throwing program that strengthens your pitchers arm, things you as a coach should just know about your pitcher to building a pitching staff with depth and training your 2-way players.

Throwing Program For Pitchers

A Baseball pitcher MUST throw, and a throwing program that helps him get better as the season progresses just makes sense. Coach Sprowl covers a simple, time tested pitching program that he uses at Shelton State

Knowing Your Pitcher

Your pitcher needs to be able to throw the baseball where you need it thrown, but YOU as a coach need to know what your pitcher is capable of. If you can learn your pitchers strengths and weaknesses, you can win even when you don't have a great inside pitch.

Building A Baseball Pitching Staff

Building depth in your baseball pitching staff isn't easy, especially when you get the kids that happen to live in your neighborhood. But whatever kids you have, there are things you can do to build the depth of your baseball pitching staff.

Two-Way Baseball Players

The kids that pitch and play another position need to be treated differently than the kids that just play one position. You have to know your kids, but here's some ideas.