Pitching Drills at 45 Feet

Scott Foxhall all by Scott Foxhall

Assistant Baseball Coach Auburn University
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When you have your pitchers practice at 45 feet, you'll see multiple benefits. Your pitcher will learn to command the angles better, develop a better "touch" and they can throw more pitches without wearing out their pitching arm.

Why Shorten The Distance?

Having your baseball pitcher pitch at 45 feet sounds strange, but as you decrease the distance you increase the angles, increase the complaints, and the strikes.

Developing A Plan and Other Benefits

Learning to control the body and developing balance and rhythm are easier to do at 45 feet because you can throw more pitches in less time without the arm wear.

Different Types of Pitches

The pitchers arm will have the same motion for most of the pitch and the "stuff" comes in the last bit of motion before the baseball is released. The 45 foot bull pen makes it easier to work on the "other" pitches.

Team Benefits

In addition to the benefits for the pitchers, the 45 foot bullpen really helps hone the pitcher/catcher communication skills and other baseball skills...you'll just need to watch to find out what those things are!