Pitching is an Explosion

Wynn Fletcher all by Wynn Fletcher

Athletic Director Central Alabama Community College
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An explosive pitcher can be developed with a sound strength and flixiblity program. This video series covers some proven techniques that you can incorporate at any level to make your pitchers explosive.

Team Warm-Up

A philosophy of warming up to throw not throw to warm up is the idea behind this warm up process.

Active Flexibility

Moving to a more active flexibility program that quickly gets the pitchers body ready to throw.

Tubing Drills

Tubing exercises should be total body exercises and here's some sample exercises you can incorporate into your warm-up program.

Weighted Ball Throws

Using a weighted ball to exercise the arm and develop good arm action for your pitchers.

Trampoline Series and Throwing Program

Using a small trampoline to help develop your pitchers true arm action the trampoline is a great tool. Then, the throwing drill begin to help develop strength and flexibility with the pitching motion.

More Throwing Drills

More throwing drills that start the pitchers reducing the distances they are throwing then moving them back again.

Functional Strength Training

Functional strength training develops strength while working or rhythm and balance.

The Medicine Ball

Using a medicine ball builds strength and by recording the reps, you'll have an instant indication of improvement or goofing off.

More Strength Training

More body movement that helps build functional strength in your pitchers with drills that move into strength training that helps build and explosive pitcher.