Baseball Pitching: The Change-Up

Daron Schoenrock all by Daron Schoenrock

Head Baseball Coach University of Memphis
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When it comes to baseball and pitching, the change-up is a pitch that you just can't do without. This baseball video series covers the basics of throwing the change-up and how this pitch fits into your overall strategy.

Pitching: The Change-Up Part One

Coach Schoenrock covers the basics of the change-up pitch including philosophy, grips, velocity and location. (Baseball Pitching)

Pitching: The Change-Up Part Two

Many pitchers shy away from the change-up because they like to throw hard. But the change-up is so useful it needs to be developed for a pitcher to really have the skills to meet every challenge. Here are some ideas to help make the change-up pitch an effective part of your pitching program. (Baseball Pitching)