Baseball: Little Things That Win

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Assistant Baseball Coach Auburn University
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Coach Butch Thompson, Pitching Coach for the University of Auburn, gives this Baseball Clinic talk on the "Little Things That Win." Coach has taken the time over the years to ask successful baseball players and coaches that very thing. The answers are inspiring and Coach Thompson's passion for coaching is clear. Watch this baseball video series and then ask yourself, "What are the little things that win?"

Baseball: Little Things That Win - Relationships

Coach Thompson begins discussing those small things that make teams successful by letting these coaches know that "talk is cheap" when not backed up by action. Coach shares some of these sentiments given by successful coaches in this inspirational basketball clinic session. The focus in this segment is relationships.

Baseball: Little Things That Win - Attitude & Responsibility

The attitude of every team member from every coach to every player impacts the team. Responsibility is essential also. It often has to be taught and can be. Coach shares some enlightening examples of the impact of both attitude and responsibility of the team and those who support them.

Baseball: Little Things That Win - Respect

Shortly after winning the World Series David Eckstein was asked by Coach what the little things that win are. The answer? Respect. Coach shares his thoughts on how important this "little thing" is to winning. Having a team Mission statement is also an important "little thing" that can add value to your team.

Baseball: Little Things That Win - Practice Planning, Fundamentals, & Concentration

Coach wraps up this baseball clinic series by discussing the importance of practice planning, fundamentals, and concentration to the overall success of a team. Those seem like no-brainers, but too often they are overlooked in building a winning baseball team.