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Head Baseball Coach University of Memphis
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MyCoachOnline called Daron Schoenrock, Head Baseball Coach for the Memphis Tigers and author of "The Total Pitching Program." We had some Pitching questions and new Coach Rock would have the answers. Pitch Loads. Combating Fatigue. Off-Season Work-Outs. College Baseball versus the Minor Leagues. Click the link to hear what Coach Rock has to say on all this and more!

Coaching Baseball: Pitch Load and Frequency

Pitch Counts (Pitch Load) is a big topic these days. But, effective pitching is a matter of quantity and frequency - and the impact of both on the pitcher. Monitoring pitch load and frequency are necessary to combat fatigue. Coach discusses pitch load, frequency, strategies to combat fatigue, and much more in this baseball interview.

High School Baseball: Off Season Work-Out and College v. Pros

Having a Championship Baseball Team takes a lot of work - even during the Off Season. Coach discusses the essentials of an Off Season Program, including those things you shouldn't work on! Then Coach discusses what the college baseball program offers young athletes who are eager to get to the minor leagues.

Coaching Pitching in Youth Leagues: The 10-Year-Old Pitcher

What are the keys to coaching pitching to 10-year-old athletes? How do you teach them the skills they are capable of learning at this age before they lose interest and without burning them out? What the parent's role in helping a young athlete have fun and learn the skills of the game? Coach Rock shares his pitching knowledge and insight on these tough questions.