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Getting the most from the time you have available is a must at any level, and in this series, baseballs "Top Dog" shares how he gets the most from his athletes in batting practice.

Introduction: The Coach's Challenge

In this general overview of coaching, Coach Ron Polk talks openly about the challenges facing coaches today...from limited staff and time, to the NCAA. A video every coach needs to see.

Creating A Batting Practice Plan

Organization is the key! Learn the basics of putting a successful Batting Practice Plan in place, including efficient use of practice time, creating realistic game situations, and setting up strike zone awareness.

Realistic Practice Makes Perfect

A successful practice plan concentrates on creating realistic game situations. In this video, Coach Polk discusses how to achieve realism in batting practice while focusing on improving hitting skills.

Communication on the Field

Batting Practice isn't only about hitting and base-running. Learn the importance of practicing communication on the field to ensure that players "get the signal" when it really counts.

Concentration and Repetition

"It's just practice, right?" Concentration during practice carries over onto the playing field. Learn how to focus each batting practice so your athletes can keep their eyes on the ball and their team on the scoreboard.

Hit and Run the Bases: First Base

How do players learn to run the bases? You got it - Practice! Learing how to respond when a hitter connects with the ball is an essential part of Batting Practice. This video focuses on the runner at first and successful coordination with the hitter.

Hit and Run: Second Base

Should the player run or stick to the base? It all depends on the game situation. Incorporate reading the game situation and good signal communication into Batting Practice so your players don't get lost in left field.

Hit and Run: Third Base

"Practices allow a player to feel as though he's been there before," according to Coach Polk. In this video, he discusses the importance specifying the hit during practice to create realistic running situations for the players on base.