Catcher Maintenance During The Season

Russ McNickle all by Russ McNickle

Assistant Baseball Coach Mississippi State University
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Drills and exercises to help keep your catcher at peak performance during the season.

Warm Up Drills Part I

Coach Russ McNickle of Mississippi State University demonstrates the “Russian Twist” and sit up warm-ups for catching maintenance in baseball with the medicine ball (catching).

Warm Up Drills Part II

Several more warm-ups used at Mississippi State University to maintain strength in catching. The warm-ups include “Seated Twist ups”, “Load the truck”, lunges, “Superman”, and squats (catching).

Flip Frame

Coach Russ McNickle talks about the “flip frame” catching drill in baseball (catching).

Two Ball Drill

The “Two ball drill”, one of the catching drills he uses to develop catchers that uses two balls and develops confidence with both hands (catching).

Catching Drills

Three catching drills that he uses for baseball catching maintenance: the “Breaking balls” drill, “High-Low Pitch” drill, and “Blocking” drill (catching).

Pitchout Footwork

Coach Russ McNickle explains and demonstrates the “Pitchout footwork” (catching).

Bunt Drills

“Bunt plays” catching drill used at Mississippi State to develop catchers (catching).

Arm Rehabilitation

Coach Russ McNickle discusses his rehab program for the arm and using the Long toss during the week for baseball catching maintenance (catching).