Infielder Drills

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Head Baseball Coach University of Alabama at Birmingham
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The drills and fundamentals that will help develop an effective infielder are demonstrated in this series by the head coach of the 2001 NAIA National Champions.

Developing Soft Hands

Knee Drill Sequence, Flexion in elbow, eyes close to ball, field out front (infield)

The "Reach" Position

Feet 1 1/2 shoulder width apart, Flexed Knees, Flat back (balance ball), Hands (out front, glove eye, open and on the ground) (infield)

To Funnel or Stick

The short roll series Discusses the advantages of funneling or sticking the baseball and drills to develop proper technique. (infield)

Long Hop Series

Maintain the flat back with the hands out in front (infield)

Around The Chair Approach

Quick to the ball, controlled to field, active feet to throw, One hand freeze, Two hand freeze, Flow (infield)

Shadow approaches

Shadows are not just things in the dark. Build confidence and strengthen technique using these drills (infield).

Fungo Series

Count hops, 4.8 runner vs 4.2 runner (infield)

The Backhand

Backhands, Flat back, Glove open and out front with flexion in the elbow (infield).

Backhand drills

These drills help develop the infielders backhand catch (infield)

Glove Side

Get under the baseball with a flat back and flexion in the elbow (infield)

More Throwing Drills

The Bad throw drill and a Quick hands and feet drill to help round out your warm up session with an upbeat and fun drill series. (infield)

Throwing Basics

Starting with the basic throwing position and moving to drills to help develop throwing skills (infield)