Baseball Training: Preparing Athletes for the Game

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Andy Gustafson began his career as a coach before moving into Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. In this video series, he shares innovative techniques that focus on coordinating baseball training with the skills athletes need to be successful on the field. Stretches. Resistance Training. Weight Training. Tubing Exercises. Sounds pretty standard. But this approach to Baseball Training is anything but the norm. Learn how you can develop a Baseball Training Program that teaches athletes total body control, while improving the skills players need to perform during the game. This isn't a blow-by-blow outline of a daily training plan. Just the opposite. No one program works for every athlete, or every team. Coach Gustafson shares training philosophy based on physiological knowledge that can be used to maximize results for your players. Specific exercises and techniques are demonstrated using simple tools found in any locker room. The key to any training program is progression and flexibility. So flex your muscles and progress right on down to the first video. (Sorry, I just had to throw that in, just couldn't miss the opportunity).

Baseball Training: The Dynamic v. The Static Warm-up

Baseball Training is evolving. Traditional training exercises failed to focus on integrating movement in the training room with action on the field. Focusing on balance and coordinated movement, Coach Gustafson explains how a Dynamic Warm-Up prepares athletes for action. Training shouldn't just teach athletes how to move, but how to move in a way that is consistent with performance on the field, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Baseball Training: Resistance Training

A successful Baseball Training Program must incorporate balance and coordination, teaching athletes how to control body movement. Too often, traditional Resistance Training doesn't carryover into game play. Learn how to train athletes to focus on all aspects of body control and strengthening for maximum control on the field.

Baseball Training: Stretching and Weight Training

Traditional stretches with a new approach are covered here. Hamstrings. Hip Plexus. The Butterfly Stretch. The usual stretches are here, but with simple tools found in every locker room, you can train your baseball athletes in a way that protects the spine and integrates the whole body into the exercises. Athletes learn to concentrate on the mechanics by performing exercises that simulate their movements during the game.

Baseball Training Progression: Weight Training and Tubing Exercises

Following a teaching progression designed to build not just strength, but focused movement, these baseball training techniques work on improving the total game skills of the athlete. Demonstrating Weight Training exercises, then Tubing exercises, Coach explains how work off the field effects pitching, throwing, batting, and fielding skills.

Baseball Training: Periodization

Matching the intensity of the workout for the demands required in the sport for optimal performance - that's Periodization. Training programs need to have the flexibility to meet changing demands throughout the season. Training also needs to be unique to the needs of the athlete. And who knows the needs of each athlete better than the Coach. Learn how to assess your players and build training programs that focus on safety and success.

Baseball Training: Equipment and Program Resources

Balance Pads. Steps. Exercise Tubing. There are as many different tools for training athletes as there are companies that sell them. This video offers information on how to find the resources - both equipment and instruction - keeping pricing and quality in mind. The trick is figuring out what you need before spending time and money filling your training room. After all, time spent with your players is what gives you the biggest pay-off on the field.