Coaching Baseball: Building A Successful Baseball Program

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Athletic Director Faulkner State Community College
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There are a number of different facets that go in to building a successful baseball program, from honing the skills of players to raising money for equipment and facility improvements. In this video series, Coach Brent Barker presents an excellent overview of some useful strategies to put your baseball program on the road to success. With an emphasis on involving players in all aspects of the program, you'll learn tasks to help you get the job done. A strategy for organizing baseball practices, which includes a good warm-up and multiple agility and strength workstations helps construct a good foundation for successful performance. Pitching, hitting, and fielding drills are all incorporated into a similar workstation approach. Insights are shared about how to encourage your players both on an individual and team level to build pride in your baseball program and a strong sense of belonging. With the combined efforts of your coaches and players, there are a number of creative ways to raise money for your baseball program throughout the community and outlying areas. The videos on fundraising will provide you with the details. Watch and learn!

Organizing Baseball Practice: Practice Warmup

Coach Barker provides an overview of how to run a productive baseball practice warm-up routine. With an emphasis on keeping your practice organized and moving at the appropriate pace, Coach presents simple and easy ways to get your team geared-up to go. Utilizing five separate workstations, these drills provide elements of strength, footwork, and athleticism to your workout. After completing the station workouts, players transition into throwing drills.

Baseball Practice: Throwing Station Drills and Pitching Station Drills

These throwing station drills are designed to enhance the performance of players by incorporating the excitement of game-like simulation. But there's a difference between Throwing and Pitching when it comes to baseball. Coach also discusses the pitching drills used with pitchers at their designated pitching station. These Pitching Drills are designed to produce "muscle memory" in the throwing mechanics of pitchers. What's the end result to these repetitive drills? Throwing consistency and an increase in the number of strikes thrown. Just what the Coach ordered!

Baseball Practice: Pitching and Hitting Drills

Instruction for the Release and Finish Drill begins with the release and follow-through. This pitching drill covers the various pitching positions that should be reviewed repetively to re-enforce good sound pitching mechanics. Other pitching positions covered in this drill are the "Go to Power", "Break to Power", and Balance Positions. Next, Coach moves on to Hitting, giving an overview of the setup for a hitting station used in baseball practices. Players included in the hitting station are catchers, infielders, and utility players. A bull-pen station is incorporated into this setup to give your pitchers plenty of reps.

Baseball Practice: Hitting Drills

These drills are designed to increase the repetitions of your hitters by familiarizing them with a number of different pitches and preparing them to hit in specific situations. The drills covered in this video include the Opposite Drill, Soft-Toss Drill, Bunt Drill, Curve Ball Drill, Clean-up Drill, and Outside Offset Drill.

Encouraging Your Players: Player Recognition

The content presented in this video provides helpful information on how to encourage your players by reinforcing their importance in your baseball program. Highlighting the accomplishments of your individual players as well as previous team accomplishments goes a long way towards building a strong foundation for your program.

Fundraising: Creative Ideas to Raise Money for Your Baseball Program

Budget considerations are a big concern for a lot baseball programs. Incorporating creative community projects to raise money not only helps your program financially, but helps build character and foster a strong work ethic in your players. This video will help you formulate some ideas to raise money for your baseball program.

Fundraising: Selling Your Baseball Program to Raise Money

Most all baseball programs have financial needs and obligations to meet. Your community would likely be interested in helping, but just not aware of the extent of your needs. The information presented in this video will give you some helpful ideas on how to mobilize your players to get out in the community to raise money for your program. From selling ads in a media guide to conducting summer camps, you can involve your community in a successful fundraising effort. Watch to learn more.