Swing Mechanics

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Assistant Baseball Coach Mississippi State University
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Starting with the stance, work to the load backside and stride, and finishing with approach to contact and the follow through, you'll develop a keen understanding of the mechanics that make up a great batting swing.


Introduction of Coach McNickle by Coach Polk (hitting and swing mechanics)

Overview and background

An overview of the topics to be discussed in this lecture (hitting and swing mechanics)

Step 1 - Stance

Feet approximately shoulder width apart and parallel Good athletic position with knees flexed. Bat sits in fingers more than palm. Hand position even with back shoulder, elbows down and flexed. Head is level where you can see pitcher and release point with both eyes. Shows good rhythm. (hitting and swing mechanics)

Step 2 - Load Backside To Stride

Rhythm/load backside to hit. Small - Soft - Quiet stride. Knees are flexed, front knee inside ball of foot when front foot lands. Hands up (Hitting position). (hitting and swing mechanics)


Bottom hand to the ball. Elbows remain flexed. Hand Route, hands inside the ball. Contact Point, Palm up/Palm down. Head over backside with firm front side. Back hip replaces front hip. Back knee closes to front knee in "L" position. (hitting and swing mechanics)


Balance throughout swing. Finish swing with good backside pivot. Head stays down. Chin finishes on back shoulder. (hitting and swing mechanics)