Baseball Hitting Drills To Super-Charge Your Offense

Turtle Thomas all by Turtle Thomas

Head Baseball Coach Florida International University Athletics
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Hitting the baseball is why your hitters come to the plate, but to make your hitters at bats more effective, you need to work in the batting cage. This series covers drills that you can take to the batting cages today to so you can work with your hitters to correct problems or improve their performance.

Inside-Out Hitting Stroke

Your batters hitting stroke is how he makes the bat connect with the baseball. See baseball hitting drills that will help your hitter control the barrel of the bat to insure proper contact no matter the pitch.

Hands Across The Body

This video starts with a discussion about batters pulling hands across the front of his body then demonstrates techniques and baseball hitting drills to correct the problem.

Reducing Strikeouts

Just the title of this segment should make any baseball coach drool. Your hitters can cover baseball hitting drills that will help them reduce the number of strikeouts they get, which means more runners on base and more points on the scoreboard.