Travel Teams: Organization and Management

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Coach Ricky Diehl of the Viper Baseball Academy discusses Travel Team Management in this video series. While Coach's game is baseball, the fundamentals of Travel Team organization and management are the same regardless of the sport. From the first parents' meeting BEFORE the season starts to Tournament Selection to Practice Organization, this series covers all aspects of managing a Travel Team.

Travel Teams: Management

Properly managing a Travel Team is the key to success. Coach discusses his approach to managing teams, the make-up of the coaching staff, and how essential it is for the managers and coaches to know what the goals are for the season.

Travel Teams: Organization

How do you start a Travel Team? You start with good athletes and then you teach them how to play the game. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that, but that's a start. In this segment Coach discusses Travel Team organization from the first parents' meeting to ordering uniforms and making travel arrangements.

Travel Teams: The Parent's Role

Good communication with parents and athletes is essential to having a good Travel Team. Parents need to know what to expect before season starts, including what their role will be. This segment covers the parents responsibilities to the team and what parents can expect in return.

Travel Teams: Minimizing Problems and Fundraising

In this segment, Coach discusses how to minimize problems during the season mapping out details for coaches, parents, and players. Coach also discusses various fundraising ideas that can be used to fund a single player or team events.

Travel Teams: Benefits and Tournaments

What should young athletes get out of participation on a Travel Team? It goes far beyond just learning the game. This video discusses the benefits of Travel Teams for the players. Getting to the right tournaments so kids have a good experience in part of it. Coach discusses how to select tournaments that will give your team the best experience.

Travel Teams: Team Rules

What are the rules for the Travel Team? The team rules will often vary from coach to coach. Basic rules are discussed here, most centering around ensuring the safety of the players and respecting the goals of the team.

Travel Teams: Discipline

Yelling, screaming, or belittling a player is NOT discipline. Coach discusses a positive approach to discipline that quickly addresses unacceptable behavior while motivating the player to make positive changes. Actually, sometimes parents are more problematic than the kids. This video also includes some of the things parents need to understand so that everyone has a good season.

Travel Teams: Practice Organization

This segment lays out the fundamentals of Travel Team practice organization.Having a well-structured practice plan and sticking to it is critical - regardless of the age of the athlete.