Starting with passing fundamentals and moving to more complex skills with the "Michigan Break", "Tennessee" and "Cherokee" drills plus the "Five-Man-Weave".

This is from a clinic put on for a youth basketball program by Coach Spurlock at Homewood High School and covers some of the drills and techniques you can use t

Starting with the X-Ray Drill and moving to footwork, closing out then blocking out, Coach Cotton runs through a series of drills that will help your basketball

Coach Jo Jo Cadray works on Help Defense leading these players through four close out drills at the Auburn Basketball Camp.

Coach Eric Carr from the Auburn Basketball Camp works with these young athletes on Post Moves.

Thanks to the Jeff Lebo Auburn Basketball Camp for this video skills series.

If you want to pick where your offense shoots the ball and who on your offense shoots the ball.

Coach Robert Moore leads thes players through a drill that works on the L Cut to get open.

These young athletes are working on shooting skills in this session from the Jeff Lebo Basketball Camp.

This pick and roll drill (in video) helps a coach teach his basketball players how to use the pick and roll to get into position to score a basket from 3 positi

The press is an effective weapon for any basketball team, and Head Basketball Coach Marty Smith of John Carroll Catholic High School covers some basketball dril

Youth Basketball Coach Rick Swing discusses the good and bad of travel basketball in this video segment.

Tony Duckworth, Head Men's Basketball Coach at Huntingdon College, gives this basketball "Chalk Talk" on Out of Bounds Plays.

What's the most important thing about shooting the basketball? You want to make the basket! Basketball Coach Rick Swing discusses and demonstrates the proper t

Coach Bill Self, head men's basketball coach at the University of Kansas, discusses his ball screen offensive strategy at the Fort Walton Beach Basketball Clin

Basketball Coach Tony Duckworth of Huntingdon College discusses Division Three athletic programs in this video segment.

In March of 2001, Sports Illustrated featured "five college coaches waiting in the wings.

Youth Basketball Coach and former professional basketball player Rick Swing talks about the Coach who influenced his life the most.

This basketball video series is great for coaches, athletes, and parents.

Coach Tony Duckworth discusses the transition from high school to college for the student athlete.

Jim Yarbrough, head men's basketball coach at Southeastern Louisiana University, began his coaching career at the high school level.

Rick Swing, youth basketball coach and former professional basketball player, discusses offensive philosophy for Post and Perimeter Play.

Coach Tony Duckworth, head men's basketball coach at Huntingdon College, discusses practice organization and the philosophy of coaching Youth athletics.

Steve Ridder, Head Basketball Coach at Embry-Riddle University in Daytona, Florida loves basketball.

This basketball drill works guards through the Hop Step into a controlled Jump Stop and Kick Out to the 3 point shot.

Coach Thomas Dow lays out this basketball drill for young athletes attending the Auburn Tigers Basketball Camp.

Coach Larry Harbin, Head Basketball Coach at John Carroll Catholic High School, starts with the fundamentals in this basketball video series.

Jimmy Tillette, Head Basketball Coach at Samford University, knows the art of coaching.

"Practice like this is the game! You've got to sell the drill!" says Coach Kevin McMahon.

Recently named as a Consultant to the Commissioner for Women's Basketball in the Southeastern Conference, Coach Joe Ciampi knows basketball.

Gregg Marshall, Head Basketball Coach at Winthrop University, draws the X's and O's through a number of offensive plays designed to get the basketball to the ri

In Basketball, "it's critical to learn the proper techniques early on," according to Jeff Damron of Lyman Ward Military Academy.

Auburn University's Basketball Camp is the setting for these basketball passing and catching drills.

Coach Mark Gottfried began his basketball coaching career at UCLA under the guidance of coach and mentor, John Wooden.

Where's the BEEF?! At the Jeff Lebo Individual Basketball Camp at Auburn University, of course.

warm up for basketball with these proven drills that are sure to bring your basketball players to their peak performance at game time.

Coach Hatchett demonstrates breaks, presses and inbounds plays against various defenses.

Coach Harbin has used these basketball drills for years to turn out top notch basketball teams by teaching players essential fundamental and advanced skills.

This basketball skills series begins with the fundamentals of playing the post.

Starting with philosophy, Basketball Coach Theokas moves to guarding screens and then to questions from the audience as he covers Team Defensive Concepts.

Coach Tom L'Italien guides you through the development of a basketball player starting with the warm up period and continuing to how to run your practice to get

Coach Boyko covers the basics of strength, conditioning and nutrition for your athletes.

Coach Lappas covers basketball coaching philosophy and inbound plays.