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Stopping the Dribble to Blocking Out

Starting with the X-Ray Drill and moving to footwork, closing out then blocking out, Coach Cotton runs through a series of drills that will help your basketball

Basketball Drills: Help Defense - Part Four

Coach Jo Jo Cadray works on Help Defense leading these players through four close out drills at the Auburn Basketball Camp.

Basketball Skills: Post Moves

Coach Eric Carr from the Auburn Basketball Camp works with these young athletes on Post Moves.

Basketball Defensive Skills and Drills

Thanks to the Jeff Lebo Auburn Basketball Camp for this video skills series.

Basketball Offensive Skills: The L Cut to Get Open

Coach Robert Moore leads thes players through a drill that works on the L Cut to get open.

Basketball: Shooting Skills

These young athletes are working on shooting skills in this session from the Jeff Lebo Basketball Camp.

Pick And Roll Video

This pick and roll drill (in video) helps a coach teach his basketball players how to use the pick and roll to get into position to score a basket from 3 positi

Coaching Basketball: Rebounding - The Outlet Push Drill

It's time to work on Rebounding Skills.

Coaching Basketball: The Penetrating Pitch Drill

This basketball drill works guards through the Hop Step into a controlled Jump Stop and Kick Out to the 3 point shot.

Coaching Basketball: The Pick and Roll Drill

Coach Thomas Dow lays out this basketball drill for young athletes attending the Auburn Tigers Basketball Camp.

Coaching Basketball: Crossover Skills with a One-On-One Drill

Behind the back.

Basketball Drill: Setting the Screen

"Practice like this is the game! You've got to sell the drill!" says Coach Kevin McMahon.

Coaching Basketball: Catching and Shot Fake Fundamentals

It's great to have a basketball player who knows how to shoot.

Basketball Skills: Ball Handling Techniques

In Basketball, "it's critical to learn the proper techniques early on," according to Jeff Damron of Lyman Ward Military Academy.

Coaching Basketball: Passing and Catching Drills

Auburn University's Basketball Camp is the setting for these basketball passing and catching drills.

Coaching Basketball Fundamentals: Shooting Basics and Drills

Where's the BEEF?! At the Jeff Lebo Individual Basketball Camp at Auburn University, of course.