Basketball: Shooting Skills

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Basketball: Shooting Skills

John Good

Science Hill High School

These young athletes are working on shooting skills in this session from the Jeff Lebo Basketball Camp. Beginning with drills specific to form shooting, the players progress to 3 Pointers, Shot Fakes, and more. Screen Drills are also included in this basketball series.

Basketball Shooting Skills - Form Shooting

This video segment focuses on form shooting by beginning with a simple basketball shooting drill. The drill then progresses to 3 pointers, shot fake, rip to 2, and a lay up. The drill can be modified for use without the basket itself to allow the whole team to perform these form drill at the same time.

Basketball Shooting Skills - Screens

In this basketball segment Coach takes players through screen drills. Though this is an individual skills drill, Coach incorporates good communication for a successful play. The video concludes with work on the flare drill. The movement never stops for these athletes!