Basketball plays you can use today

Coaching Basketball: Plays for a Zone Offense

If you want to pick where your offense shoots the ball and who on your offense shoots the ball.

Coaching Basketball Strategy: Out of Bounds Plays

Tony Duckworth, Head Men's Basketball Coach at Huntingdon College, gives this basketball "Chalk Talk" on Out of Bounds Plays.

Basketball Warm Up Drills

warm up for basketball with these proven drills that are sure to bring your basketball players to their peak performance at game time.

Coaching Basketball: Inbound Plays

Coach Lappas covers basketball coaching philosophy and inbound plays.

Coaching Basketball: Breaks, Presses and More

Coach Hatchett demonstrates breaks, presses and inbounds plays against various defenses.

Basketball Strategy: Team Defensive Concepts

Starting with philosophy, Basketball Coach Theokas moves to guarding screens and then to questions from the audience as he covers Team Defensive Concepts.