This football clinic video is full of great and proven ideas you can easily incorporate into the passing portion of your own offensive package.

This proven offensive system is skill based and very flexible. You'll learn to pick effective formations then tie your offense to wrist bands.

Planning helps make better use of your time, and in this video Coach Rozell covers proven planning techniques that have helped field consistently great football

Football wristbands help you develop a simple, secure offensive plan. This video shows development of a wristband system. Click thru, and buy from Amazon

This is a multi part series covering how one of the most successful football programs in Alabama develops their offensive plan based on the skills and desires o

If you're a high school coach and you want to develop offensive linemen, you need to look into the Southeastern Line Camp in Birmingham.

This video covers eagle defense strategies and includes information on personal, formations and adjustments you can use today.

Coach Charlie Strong of the University of Florida discusses his football team's successful defensive strategy.

Coach Mark Richt covers one of his favorite offensive plays, how to set it up, use it with different formations and how to attack changing defensive schemes usi

Coach Bobby Wallace discusses defensive philosophy and cover 2 pattern reads at the Alabama Football Coaches Association convention.

If you are in the process of building a football program this is an online clinic that you need to watch. From philosophy to plays, this video covers it all.

Coach Tommy Tuberville of Auburn University speaks at the Alabama Football Coaches Association clinic and discusses ways to make your team better.

Averaging 35 points per game is a good reason to think you've got a good offense.

Here's a defensive line discussion from the Alabama Football Coaches association convention.

Here's a discussion from the Alabama Football Coaches Association clinic that covers some linebacker options and stunts and ends with game film showing those st

Football Coach Heath Brunner does a "chalk talk" for these high school Quarterbacks and Wide-receivers.

David Jones, Offensive Coordinator of Homewood High School, gives this coaching "chalk talk" on countering the Man Free and Cover Zero defenses.

This is a Chalk Talk at it's best! Coach Charlie Goodyear of Huntingdon College draws the lines while discussing Offensive strategy of the Inside Zone.

"You can be good at a lot of things, but you better be able to get a yard when you need a yard" in order to be successful on offense.

This Wing T video series covers wing t football fundamentals. From player positioning and numbering the holes to actual plays you can add to your playbook.

Offensive and defensive numbering systems, football practice organization, and setting up blocking assignments for the sprint draw are covered in this series.

If you coach football this video series is a must! Defensive backfield formations and numbering systems are covered in this popular X&O chalk talk.

We put the X's and O's in motion right on your computer screen with some basic plays you can use with your team. Awesome free plays for your football playbook.

This is another Football 'Chalk Talk' combined with analysis of several actual passing routes to help foster discussion about the different routes your Receive

An organized football practice is essential to success on the playing field and in this video you will see how to keep your practice moving and effective.