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Quarterback Fundamentals and Quarterback Drills! Click/Learn/Win

Rick Rhodes

Head Football Coach

Great quarterback drills are essential when you're building your quarterback. This quarterback drills video starts with quarterback drills for a clean quarterback-center exchange and progresses to quarterback footwork for the rollout and drop back passes.

Center Quarterback Exchange

Pressure. Push. Pull. This video starts with the stance and then covers the fundamentals of the exchange between the quarterback and center.

Football Tips: Throwing The Football

This video covers the fundamentals of throwing a football starting with the feet and working up your quarterback to the top of the throwing motion. Use this video to teach your quarterback to throw a great spiral.

Quarterback Throwing Drills

This set of drills helps your quarterback develop sound techniques to throw a football accurately.

Football Drills: Rollout Pass

Drills to learn the ROLLOUT PASS, both left and right (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Football Tipss: The Hand off

The Quarterback has to be able to performa great hand off, and this video shows how to make sure the handoff is a clean process that leads to good exchange and fakes. (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Drop Back Pass



The OPTION is demonstrated in this drill (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).