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Coaching Soccer: Kicking Drills


This soccer drill utilizes the Pass Kick, Crossing Kick, Finishing Kick , and Trap to give players game-like action while honing their over-all skills.

Soccer Skills and Drills: Offsides


Youth Soccer Coach David Sharp explains the "Offsides Rule" in soccer in this soccer video series.

Soccer Skills: Fake Trap with a Pullback


Soccer Coach David Sharp demonstrates a Fake Trap with a Pullback in this soccer coaching video.

Coaching Soccer Skills: The Finishing Kick


In Soccer, the Finishing Kick is one of the hardest to coach and to learn.

Coaching Soccer : Header Drills


Soccer Coach David Sharp demonstrates the correct way to advance the soccer ball using Heading skills.

Soccer Skills: The Pass Kick


In this soccer video Coach David Sharp of the Chelsea Soccer Club puts these young soccer players to work.