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BBCOR Bat and Baserunning


The BBCOR bat has worked it's way down to the high school level and you may need to change the way you think about base running.

BBCOR Bat | Hitting And Run Production


You can't count on big innings to pull you ahead when you're using the BBCOR bat and in this video Coach Brian Shoop covers strategies to help you produce runs.

Baseball Practice Organization with Fundamental Drills


An organized practice takes using all your coaches and all of your field space and not wasting any time.

Infield, Outfield, Pitcher & Catchers!


Dirt balls, wild pitches, cuts to 3rd and outfield communication are all practiced in this baseball fundamental drill series video.

Fundamental Drill Series


Using all of your field space, all of your coaches and not wasting time helps you get the most from each and every baseball practice.

Baseball Rundown Drill


This video covers the skills and drills needed to insure your team can perform a successful rundown if necessary.

Baseball Defense


Coach Brian Shoop covers baseball defense in this hot stove session at the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association convention.

Infielder Drills


The drills and fundamentals that will help develop an effective infielder are demonstrated in this series by the head coach of the 2001 NAIA National Champions.