Softball Batting Skills: Staying in Control at the Plate

Marla Townsend all by Marla Townsend

Head Coach UAB Women's Softball
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Marla Townsend is the Head Softball Coach at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. In this softabll series, she leads a clinic session on batting. From understanding the strike zone to choosing the best bat to maximize success at the plate, Coach focuses on basic, but essential elements of good, effective hitting. Great softball basics series for the young athlete.

Staying In Control at the Plate: Choking Up on the Bat

Every inch a softball player chokes up on the bat you get 10% more control on your bat. After discussing choking up and the conditions where a greater choke is needed, Coach moves on to the problems of "casting" when hitting the softball.

Staying In Control at the Plate: Know Your Strike Zone

Coach explains the dimensions of the strike zone. The importance of the defined strike zone, the umpire's strike zone, and the player's hitting zone are discussed in this softball skills video.

Staying In Control at the Plate: Controlling Bat Speed

Coach describes the importance of bat control to success at the plate. These young players are taught how to use the length and weight of the bat to find the Drop of the bat. They are looking for the "sweet spot". It's about bat speed combined with skill.