Softball Skills: how to field a ground ball with outstanding results

Brad Irwin all by Brad Irwin

Assistant Softball Coach University of Tennessee at Chatanooga
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Softball players who don't know how to field a ground ball guarantee opponents extra bases. Watch this video to learn how to field a softball with a forehand and backhand fielding technique and make your opponent earn every base and run they get and hopefully shut them out.

Softball Skills: Fielding Ground Balls - Forehand & Backhand

You don't want your team on a viral video showing a slowly rolling softball making it between the legs of your star fielder because she didn't know how to field a ground ball! Whether she's fielding forehand or backhand, it's essential to keep the glove low to the ground and to pull the ball up into the body after making the catch.

Hopefully, you'll use the sound softball fielding techniques outlined in this video and the viral video of your softball team will be showing the exceptional ground ball fielding skills of your team, because they know how to field a ground ball!