The Softball Olympics: Skill Building the Fun Way

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President Dream Doer League
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Learn softball skills and techniques the fun way. Play Softball Olympics. Coach Bonnie Jean Schaeffer of Wesleyan Christian Academy puts these young athletes to the test through a series of "Olympic games" that teach various softball skills through friendly competition. Definitely a gold medal event.

Softball Skills: Bunting Basics

First event...bunting basics. In this first, game, athletes learn proper softball bunting techniques. Working the right and left side of the field, improving bunting skills is the objective of this event.

Softball Skills: Soft Toss Place Hitting Drill

In this drill the field is divided into 3 sections. Athletes work on stance and hitting.

Softball Skills: Infield Loop

In this defensive competititon the aim is to keep moving. It's fast. The winner has to field the softball as it's hit to various points on the field.