Hitting for Softball (and baseball too)

Jack Byerley all by Jack Byerley

Head Softball Coach Northwest Florida
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Jack Byerley covers the methods he uses to develop hitters that crush the ball and score runs. Starting with philosophy, moving to theory and ending with drills, this video series is a must if you hit a ball.

Softball Philosophy

The ground rules of a team set the tone and you should have your own philosophy, here's the rules the Northwest Florida Softball team. There short, sweet and simple.

The Perfect Swing

What is the best swing? It's the swing you believe in that you can teach and that is done with enthusiasm. But there are some swing basics that MUST be worked on and here they are.

Hitting Absloutes

As a coach you need to train your eye to observe the softball hitting absolutes, and your brain to understand how they apply and how to teach them to your softball hitters.

More On Hitting - Hitting Routines

Hitting is an attitude of what you and your hitters need to improve. Your hitters need to practice to get better and you've got to schedule your hitting practices for the purpose of developing hitters.

Hitting Routines - Pre At Bat Routines

More on hitting routines and getting ready to hit from the mental to being physically warmed up and ready to make that crushing swing.

Hitting Solutions

Hitters and coaches need to be able to identify problem areas and develop solutions to correct hitting problems.

Hitting Drills

The theory is out there, but hitting drills put the theory into practice. Here's some great drills that you can use to build your hitters in to power house bats.