Hitting Fundamentals

Jay Miller all by Jay Miller

Head Softball Coach Mississippi State University
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This is the "A to Z" of softball hitting. Begining with the hitters mental attitude, Coach Miller moves the lecture to drills and Q&A with the audience.

Mental Preparation

Softball Coach Jay Miller of Mississippi State University covers how to mentally prepare players in order to develop great hitters. (softball hitting or batting).

The Stance Part I

The difference between style and substance in a softball hitting stance, plus important points to help create a good stance. (softball hitting or batting).

The Stance Part II

Knees bent, hands at the top of the strike zone, and elbows should be down in order to have a good softball hitting stance. (softball hitting or batting).

The Stance Part III

Three more points to a good softball stance: Eyes and head should be level, there must be good plate coverage, and a player must have good balance. (softball hitting or batting).

The Stride

The stride and a good swing. (softball hitting or batting).

The Swing

Jay Miller, softball coach at Mississippi State University, explains a sound bat swing technique (softball hitting or batting).

Swing Demonstration

This video shows some good techniques to actually demonstrate to your players how balance affects their hitting power. (softball hitting or batting).

Hitting Drills

Drills Coach Miller uses at Mississippi State University to help develop great hitters (softball hitting or batting).

Some Q&A

Coach Jay Miller discusses several softball drills and sets and then answers some frequently asked questions. (softball hitting or batting).