Softball Skills: Hitting Stations Out Of The Cage

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Assistant Softball Coach University of Tennessee at Chatanooga
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Hitting the softball successfully involves a whole lot more than the swing. In this softball skills video, Coach Dana Reed uses simple, but effective station drills to teach athletes the various components of a successful hit. Trigger. Step. Swing....Score!!

Softball Hitting Skills: Barrier Drill -The Tube

This softball barrier drill uses the tube to help hitters keep their swing compact. Using proper hitting stance and mechanics, hitters learn to control their swing for maximum strength.

Softball Hitting Skills: Front Hand Drill

This softball hitting drill has hitters using one arm to hit the ball off the tee. This drill develops coordination in hitters, and coordination in hitters means success on the field.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Back Hand Drill

In softball, the back hand is the power hand! In this hitting drill, the bat is history. This hitting device allows athletes to feel the impact and build muscle memory.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Two Tee Drill

When you're learning to hit, it's sometimes hard to tell when your swing is off...until after the swing. This softball drill uses two tees to help hitters know immediately if their swing is on the wrong path.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Single Tee Drill

This softball drill is great for helping athletes identify their "trigger" and track the swing through the softball to connect and follow through.

Softball Hitting Skills: The Process

Hit the softball. It's a matter of doing three things well and in the right order. That's what all the skills learned in these drills are about. Put them all together and you've got a successful hit. Let's do some hitting.